Ten on Tuesday – Games

Today has been a long day.  We had a snow day, so no school.  Santa brought the kids the Martha Stewart Baking Kit and Pizza Kit for Christmas.  After a couple of weeks of putting off actually using the kits with the kids in the kitchen, today seemed like a perfect opportunity.  Got the kitchen all cleaned up and pulled them out.  First we made the pizza dough, then while it was rising made some cupcakes.  The cupcakes were a big hit, as always.  The pizza, not so much.  Turns out we burned the cheese.  Ouch!  Couldn’t fool the kids though, tried to cover the burnt cheese with fresh cheese, the kids weren’t buying it.  Oh well, looks like tomorrow might be a snow day as well, so we’ll try again.

As for 10 on Tuesday, this week’s topic is 10 Favorite Games from your Childhood.  Oh, if I could only remember them all!  Of course, a couple are still in our overflowing game closet!  So, in no particular order, here we go. . .

1.  The Jaws game I used to play with our babysitter that lived down the street.  Our parents were friends and seems like we spent a few evenings over at her house.  She had a game that involved pulling teeth, I think, out of a shark’s head. Looked for that game for years to buy for myself.  Never did find it.  If you know the name of this game, please let me know!

2.  While we’re on babysitters, another one had silver shoes.  While it wasn’t an actual game per se, we had a great time making up games based on those silver shoes.

3.  Operation – this one’s still in our game closet, as in, the original one I used to play.  Even still has all the parts, funny bone, charlie horse, you know, all the good stuff!

4.  Battleship – wish I still had this one.  Looked to buy it for the kids for Christmas but couldn’t find the original version, just some new wave version 😦

5.  Dominoes with my grandfather, out of his poker box.  It was a beautiful black marble box that held a deck of cards, poker chips, and dominoes.

6.  Trivial Pursuit – again still in the closet.

7.  Twister – We didn’t own this one, but my grandfather had hooked a rug that had lots of different colors and sizes of blocks.  Whenever all four cousins were over there, we would always play our own version of Twister.

8.  Gin Rummy – played with my dad at a very early age.

9.  Olympics – this was a game my cousins and I made up.  We were all gymnasts and would pretend to be Mary Lou Retton.  One person would do some tumbling pass and the other two would judge, always looking for that perfect 10.

10.  Marco Polo – best summertime pool game ever!

Hope this list takes you back to some of your childhood memories!


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