So, I decided to make this blog thing a real go for all of 2011.  Up till now, I’ve been sort of toying with how involved I was going to be on the blog, but decided to take a challenge.  So, a post a week for 2011.  You know I love lists, so Ten on Tuesday will always be there, but I’m going to try to make an additional post every week, just to see if I’ve got the follow-through to do it!

It’s been a long week.  The kids only went to school for a day and a half.  Makes it hard to get much done around the house, but I try!  Almost done knitting my scarf for the Special Olympics.  When it’s finished, I’ll post a pattern and picture. Finished a Pinewood Derby Car today with my son on his day off from school. Watched lots of movies with the kids. Learned to use the snowblower, yea me!  While I’m not a huge fan of the snowblower, it definitely makes clearing the driveway easier than shoveling! Oh, and I figured out how to post a picture to the blog.

And learning to use that new camera I got for Christmas.  This picture is from the last snowstorm. A view through the woods towards our neighbor’s house. Something about the light and how the snow was coming down looked really cool so, my husband had me snap a pic.   Hope you like it!


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