Ten on Tuesday – Health and Beauty

Well, looks like another snow day at home.  This one is self-imposed.  The schools had a 90 minute delay, but this transplanted Southern belle doesn’t drive in the snow unless absolutely necessary.  Risking life and limb to get down our driveway and up the street to a main street wasn’t worth the shortened day today.  So, while I’ve got the kids entertained, thought I would tell you about my 10 Favorite Health and Beauty Products!

1.  Water – not really a product, but totally healthy!

2.  Aquaphor – Living in the cold, cold northeast, this has been a skin saver.  Everyone in my family has their own tub.

3.  Sunscreen –  in those far away days of summer, this is essential.

4.  Sunglasses – most people tend to think sunglasses are a summer accessory.  I disagree.  Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t go outside, ever, without my sunglasses.

5.  Vitamin D – studies have shown that most women are deficient.  I’ve been taking 2000 iu/day since finding out that I was deficient.  Plus, with the lack of sunshine up here. . .

6.  Neutrogena hand cream – best. hand. cream. ever.

7.  Lubriderm lotion – I’ve been using this as my moisturizer since I was a teenager.  Now my son uses is as well since it has a neutral scent.

8.  Dashing Diva Cuticle Nectar – I won this from a contest on their website and I love it!  It’s got a citrusy scent and really does help my cuticles.  Their whole line is wonderful.  I hope to one day actually make it to a Dashing Diva salon!

9.  OPI nail polish – who doesn’t love the fun names?!?  And it’s an excellent quality polish with good cover.

10.  Bobbi Brown Beach Perfume – all it takes is one little squirt and I’m on a beach on Emerald Isle.

There seems to be a theme to my list.  Looks like about half of the items involve moisture in some form.  What can I say?  My hands take a beating, especially on these wintry days!  Looks like the snow may finally be letting up.  Guess I should get out in it and clear the driveway.  Enjoy your snowday!


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