My first knitting pattern

Well, I’ve had an extremely productive day today.  My hubby took the kids to the train show.  I got my nice, white desk cleaned off.  There’s just something about a clean white surface that inspires me.  More so than a clean black surface.  Our kitchen table is black, and it just doesn’t have the same effect.  Once the desk was a workable surface and there were no little voices to distract me, I got the computer, turned on some Pandora radio, and started working.

This summer, I designed and knit a pillow for a dear friend who was getting married.  She loved it.  My knitting group loved it.  Everyone said I should write it up and make it available.  Six months later, it’s finally written up!  I promise to post as soon as I can.  I may try to make it available for sale, a little extra cash never hurt a stay at home mom, or I may just make it a free Ravelry download.  In the meantime, enjoy the picture:

I also managed to vacuum the house (trust me, this is a major accomplishment!), clean the kitchen, and do the laundry.  So productive when no one else is home!

Also, made out a to-do list for the week:

1.  Get oil changed

2.  Find printer for notecards for website

3.  Donate National Geographic collection

4.  Clean out the freezer

I’ll be reporting back to you at the end of the week to see if any or, hopefully all, of these things got accomplished!


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