Homemade yogurt

I haven’t gotten on my soapbox over here about the Yoplait Kids Yogurt, you know, the one with 25% less sugar?  It now comes in a convenient pack of 50% LESS yogurt, but, oh yeah, you get to pay the same as you were before.  Before, you got 6 pots with 4 oz each, that’s 24 oz of yogurt.  Now, with the newly redesigned version, you get 4 pots with 3 oz each, a total of a whopping 12 oz.  And at my local grocery store, it still costs $2.99, which I thought was too much for the 24 oz, and really can’t stomach now that there are only 12 ounces.  I do despise being hoodwinked.  Therefore, I asked around and found out you can make your own yogurt at home.  In a slow cooker, no less!

So, while my kids are going to have to learn to like homemade yogurt, I’m thrilled.  I don’t eat yogurt on a regular basis. The good stuff has too much sugar, fat, and calories.  The “light” stuff tastes like crap with all the aspartame.  I never understood why they couldn’t just put less sugar in the “light” version.  Plus, I grew up on frozen yogurt from the health food store.  It was wonderful!  Tangy, like yogurt is supposed to be.  I’ve searched many a health food store since then and no one does it anymore.  So when I do eat yogurt, it’s been Greek-style with no sweetener.

This brings me to my experiment.  A friend recommended a crockpot yogurt recipe that she uses.  You can find it here. So, with a snow day at home yesterday and all the ingredients conveniently in the fridge, I set about making some yogurt.  The pictures are in the gallery above.  At first, it’s just milk in a crockpot.  But then, overnight, the magic happens.  I could hardly wait to take the towel off the crockpot this morning to see what we had made.  It had thicken, not to the point of Greek yogurt, but more like a “light” yogurt consistency.  I’m currently letting some drain through a coffee filter to see if I can thicken it up.

The kids weren’t thrilled with the outcome.  But then again, I gave it to them with no sweetener or flavoring, so I can’t expect too much.  I thought it was very tasty, even without sweetener.  We’ll be experimenting through the week with what works and what doesn’t.  Already I know that vanilla extract does not work.  But we’ll be trying vanilla beans later this week.

As a recipe note, I did use the powdered milk.  I added it right before I turned the crockpot off.  The powdered milk that my grocery store carried was sold in packets, 5 packets to a box.  Each packet contains about 1 cup of powdered milk.  I added 1 packet.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Beverly
    Feb 02, 2011 @ 11:22:59

    Try a dollop of honey or jam to sweeten it–that’s how I like to eat it. I’m glad I could convert you!


  2. Cindy
    Feb 02, 2011 @ 17:40:14

    The runny texture part gets me. I think the last time I made yogurt I ended up draining it until it was yogurt cheese. I wonder what the trick is to get it thicker.


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