Ten on Tuesday – Bedside Table

My bedside table

As I sit here listening to the sleet hit the window, yes, we’re getting more of this stuff, I realize I never posted my list yesterday.  I’m a day late and a dollar short on this one, but I’m determined to keep it up.  I’m blaming all this crazy snow.  So without further ado 10 Things On My Nightstand/Bedside Table:

1.  Stained glass lamp made by my grandfather.  I’ve always had a thing for dolphins, wanted to be a marine biologist, so my grandfather designed this lamp just for me.  The red eyes used to freak me out, but I’ve grown used to them over the years.  I have a smaller version on my desk that was given to me after he died.  Never knew he made the smaller one, must have been the prototype.

2.  Seams to Me by Anna Marie Horner.  I’ve been looking for some new inspiration.

3.  Amy Butler’s In Stitches.  Same story, looking for inspiration, but with AB, I find her fabric as inspiring as her patterns.  I’m a sucker for an Amy Butler print!

4.  Grave Witch by Kalayna Price.  Just started this last night.  I’m ahead on my book club reading so thought I would pick this up before the next book club book.  Sometimes you just need a little guilty pleasure.  If it’s any good, I’ll be done in a couple of days, and that’s only reading before I fall asleep.

5.  Phone

6.  Electric blanket controller.  I do believe this has saved our marriage.  It’s a queen size blanket with separate controls.  I turn it on when I come upstairs so I can get into a nice warm bed on these cold winter days!

7.  Reading glasses.  Yep, had to finally breakdown and get them, but I must say, they really do help.

8.  Old Cooking Light magazines.  I’ve been working on my magazine collection, as in, purging.  After I flip through the Cooking Lights and pull out any recipes I may want to keep, I’ll box these up and send to my parents who are also trying to eat healthier.

9.  Sudoku, it’s addictive.

10.  Dashing Diva Cuticle Nectar.  This was on my list of 10 favorite health and beauty items.  It’s awesome!  I just forget to use it, that’s why it’s now located between the lamp and electric blanket controller.  Hopefully, I can’t miss it!

That about wraps up the Ten on Tuesday list this Wednesday.  I’ll admit, deciding to add the picture inspired me to clean off the bedside table.  This, of course, is the after.  You don’t want to know what was on there before!  Enjoy your snow day if you have one and stay warm!


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