I love the Grammys

I’m not much for award shows, for the most part I either don’t agree with who wins or I have no clue who the nominees are.  That being said, I look forward to the Grammys.  Not for the awards, but for the musical perfomances.  So, last night I DVRed the Grammys (love the DVR!) so that I could watch all the performances without interruptions.  Thus far, I’ve enjoyed some great music, found a new appreciation for a tween sensation, and a new band or two that I need to check out.

I’m not a Justin Bieber fan, couldn’t even tell you a single song the kid sings, but the boy has stage presence!  You can’t deny the fact that the kid is an entertainer.  While his music isn’t my taste, I could probably watch him perform for quite some time.

And the jam sessions!  Mumford and Sons, the Avett Brothers, and Dylan?  Couldn’t understand a word Dylan said, but the music was outstanding!  I’ve been a Mumford fan for some time now.  I think I would do things I would regret in order to see them live!  Dylan, I’ve seen live, in Charlotte, with Paul Simon.  Avett Brothers, gonna have to break down and buy their CD.  Probably today.  While my daughter is at school.  Think it’ll be on sale?

Also might pick up the Muse CD.  I know, my musical taste is all over the page, but they are an awesome band!  I’ve already got some of their songs downloaded, should probably just download the rest of the album.

Historical pairings of artists?  Where else but the Grammys?  Cee Lo and Gweneth?  With the Muppets?  Who would’ve thought?  Norah, John, and Keith?  That one was amazing!  Think I can find their rendition on iTunes?   If not, might have to settle for another Norah album and a first Keith Urban album.  John Mayer, I think I’ve got him covered!

And congratulations to Arcade Fire for the Album of the Year Grammy.  I’ve never heard of them, but find that I’m going to have to check them out!  Hope you enjoyed the Grammys for whatever reason you may have watched.  And if you didn’t watch, DVR it next year and catch all the live music!  And go listen to some music!  Like a good book, it can truly take your mood wherever you need it to go.  Want to be somewhere warm and tropical, try some Jimmy Buffett.  Need to get your groove on, Katy Perry.  Want to get something accomplished, well, my personal choice is Mumford and Sons!


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