Ten on Tuesday – Blogs

Alright, I’m almost missing this Tuesday, but it’s been on my mind all day.  Seems to be a trend!  Today’s request, 10 Non-knitting Blogs.  Now, since I’m new to the blogosphere, I don’t do a ton of blog reading, but those that I do read tend towards the knitting, cooking, and humorous side.  Since I have to refrain from the knitting, here are my favorite foodie and funny blogs.  Enjoy!

1.  Shooting the Breeze – Basically email correspondence between two friends on the mundane, but funny bits of life.  And yes, friends of mine.

2.  Fix Me a Snack – A mom who is trying to get her kids to eat better, successfully!

3.  Martha Stewart’s Blog – I need my Martha!

4.  PoMo GoLightly – Another blog from a friend, has some knitting, but more insightful thoughts, ideas, and really cool pictures.

5.  LA Weekly Food Blog – I know I’m stuck on blog’s of friends, but this one is really good.  Jenn has some unique ideas and perspectives on food.  And some killer recipes on occasion!

6.  Wet the Buns – Again, humorous ramblings from a friend living in LA.

7.  Jane4Girls – How to feed a family on $800 a year.  I only wish I could do this!

8.  100 Days of Real Food – Just what it says.  Take the pledge.

9.  A Year of Slow Cooking – Love my slow cooker.  This is an excellent resource for new recipes.

10.  Wicked Cool Deals – What can I say, I love a bargain!

These are all fun blogs, but I’m looking forward to reading other people’s lists.  I need to find a photography blog to get me going with my new camera!



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