Handy Craft

Well, today is turning out to be a dreary, rainy day.  So, what to do with the kids other than make a craft!  We saw this one on PBS Sprout the other night.  I’ve searched their website but couldn’t find a link to send you back to, so here’s our more than simple instructions.  My 5 year old daughter made this one almost all by herself.  It was her idea to do the craft and she came up with the chores to add to each hand.  In theory, this is going to help her remember what her chores are each day.  Let’s hope it works!

Handy Chore Wreath

Supplies:  Paper plate, construction paper, glue scissors, crayons

1.  Have an adult cut the middle out of the plate to make a wreath.

2.  Trace your child’s hand on different colored construction paper.  My daughter could trace her hand herself, but wanted me to do it because she said when she did it her hand was too wriggly!

3.  Let your child cut her hands out.  She can then draw pictures of her chores, ways to help others, whatever may be useful to her or him to remember to do each day.

4.  After she drew the pictures, I wrote what each chore was so that we both could remember 🙂

5.  Glue all the hands to the wreath, hang, and hope it works!

Super easy craft.  Kept her busy for a good half hour.  While we only did 5 chores, you could certainly do as many as you’d like. My daughter also suggested that we could do one with good manners, saying please and thank you, helping others, chewing with our mouths closed, whatever your child might need help remembering.

Hope you find something fun and entertaining to do with your kids today!  As for us, we’re off to reading hour, or at least half hour.  One can hope!



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