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Not much good has come out of Hurricane Irene’s path, but, I’m trying to put a positive spin on the whole thing, you know, look for the silver lining wherever I can.  From this perspective, I would like to thank Hurricane Irene for putting us out of power for 24 hours, thus necessitating a full cleaning of the refrigerator.  Down to scrubbing each and every shelf, organizing what was still considered safe to eat, and throwing out all expired and spoiled items.  This, I’m ashamed to admit, included one box of baking soda with an expiration date from 2009 and one very mushy cucumber.

With my newly sparkling refrigerator, I do believe Hurricane Irene is also inspiring me to eat healthier foods.  I don’t ever want to find a mushy cucumber, let alone have to actually touch it to dispose of it (yuck!), again.  So, I’m keeping a much closer eye on my fruits and vegetables, making sure something from each drawer is served at each dinner.  I’m also making sure the kids take either a fruit or vegetable with their lunches to school.  They have usually done this in the past, but now it seems to be more of a requirement for me as they help pack their lunches and snacks for school.  And it’s a bit of a struggle for my daughter, as she’s in a nut-free classroom.  For most kids, this isn’t such a big deal, but since my child does not eat deli meats or cheese sandwiches, we’re having to get creative.  On the plus side, she’s been willing to try some new foods, if only a bit at a time.  I’m hoping to convince her to eat hummus in the coming weeks.

What silver lining have you found out of all the devastation?



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