Sewing Days

Ok, so it’s been a while since I updated the blog.  Doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy!  Probably means I’ve been TOO busy!

Anyway, after a long week of no power due to Nor’easter Alfred, I’ve decided to get some projects out of my sewing room.  I was looking around for something to do and realized that I have a ton of projects just sitting around half-finished, half-started, maybe even just the materials for something I want to make.  We’ll say my sewing room is full of UFOs – UnFinished Objects.  So, I’m setting myself a goal of finishing AT LEAST one a week.  Wanna see what I’ve already done?

My Muppet Vest

This is a vest for my daughter made with a fun faux fur from a friend (don’t you just love free fabric?!?!).  Initially, I was going to line it with a really cool giraffe satin lining, but, we do live in New England.  I wanted the vest to provide at least some warmth, so I went with a black and white furry fleece.  Pattern was McCall’sM6430.  I made a size 7 for my Kindergartener, and it is pretty big.  She’s typically a size 6, I wanted her to be able to wear it for a while, and as it looks, it’ll make it through Elementary school!

Fabric Book

Next was a fabric book entitled The Flopsy Bunnies by Beatrix Potter.  This was made for a book club friend who is having a baby, due New Year’s Eve!  We put together a basket full of books to start the child’s library.  This was a panel put out by Quilting Treasures and purchased at my nearest quilt store, Sew Inspired.  They have a wonderful collection of fabric and I always find something to spark my creativity!


 And finally, a stocking I made for my mom.  Still have to make the one for my dad, and I’ll post that when it is done, but wanted to get everything caught up on here!  This used a BRILLIANT product by Quiltsmart.  Once again, purchased at Sew Inspired.  The product is interfacing printed with the pattern on it.  Absolutely brilliant, if you ask me!  Just make sure you also get the instructions.  You fold, sew, unfold, fold again, sew, THEN cut.  All done with 2 fat quarters and limited cutting.  Amazing!  The final product isn’t very large, only 16″ from toe to hook, but very cute nonetheless.  Can also be reversible if you desire.  I bought 1/2 of a yard of two different fabrics so I can make two stockings for my mom and dad.  Plan on attaching the hook so that one stocking is the plaid and the other is the brown fabric.  Adding the hook makes it not reversible, but still pretty darn cool!

And, well, that’s it!  One more stocking, hopefully tomorrow, and then I will need to find the next project.  Such a feeling of accomplishment as I clean out all these projects!  What have you done lately?


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