March is Craft Month!

In honor of March being Craft Month (who comes up with these things!?!?), I’m going to dive back into my very sporadic blog and see what I can do.  Maybe finish up some half finished crafts.  Maybe come up with new crafts to do.  Let’s be honest, the second is much more likely to be what I do, but I will do my best to finish up at least one ongoing project!  You heard it here, I’m going to finish something!  And by something, I mean one of the older projects sitting around my house.

But, for today, I vow to finish the last of the knitted hats that I’m making for Craft Hope’s Project 16.  What is Craft Hope you ask?  Well, if you are unfamiliar with them, you can learn all about them here.  In my opinion, they are a brilliant little online group that helps out organizations all over the world by bringing hope in the form of handmade goodies.  I initially got involved during the oil spill in the Gulf and Craft Hope’s Project 8.  The call went out for cotton washcloths to help clean up the birds and other marine life.  In this case, it consisted of me cutting a number of flannel squares to be used.  But I also sent in some knitted and crocheted ones from a friend.  Image

Not the best picture, but you get the idea!

Project 16 is a call out for handmade hats and bags for children going through chemotherapy.  I promised myself I would donate 13 hats, 8 boys and 5 girls, one for each healthy year of my children.  So far, I’ve knit 5 boys and am on my 3rd girls hat.  After this, I’ll have to switch to sewing as the deadline is March 16.  Again, I’ve convinced a friend to participate and she cranked out 5 hats for me to add to my box.  

So, hopefully I finish that 3rd girly hat today.  The colors are beautiful!  I’m using a wonderful yarn by Florafil


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