Spring is here!

Well, once again, I’ve fallen off the “I’m going to blog everyday” wagon!  And, no, I haven’t been crafting every day either.  Lately, an early Spring has sprung here in New England, and I’ve used every one of my few free moments to be outside enjoying it.  Yesterday, I spent 2 hours on the back deck with a good book, it was luxurious!  Finished the book, too!  Conquistadora by Esmeralda Santiago.  Not my favorite book, but about a subject I knew very little about, which is always a good reason to read a book.  It dragged at times, but overall was a good read.

So, to get me back into the swing of things, I’m going to go with Carole Knits 10 on Tuesday suggestion today.  And today’s topic:  10 Songs That Put You In A Great Mood.  Since I LOVE music, this one should be easy!  In no particular order, here they are:

1.  Show Me How You Burlesque by Christina Aquilera – We danced to this song this morning in Zumba, so it’s fresh on my mind.  A great way to start my day!

2.  Daydream Believer by the Monkees – With the passing of Davy Jones last week, this one has been in my head a lot lately.  I’ve loved it ever since I was a kid watching the Monkees on TV.

3.  Candyman by Christina Aquilera – What can I say, I’m a Christina fan!  This one has a great beat and a Big Band sound you don’t often get in a Top 40 song.

4.  Summertime’s Calling Me by The Catalinas – Most beach music will put me in a good mood, but this one in particular is an oldie but goodie!  This one and

5.  Stagger Lee by Lloyd Price – I was first introduced to Stagger Lee in the movie Shag.  Everytime I hear it, I think back to my college girlfriends, roadtrips, Myrtle Beach.  I’m smiling right now just thinking about it!

6.  Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men – A new band out of Iceland, I can’t wait to hear more from them!

7.  The Cave by Mumford and Sons –  This whole album (Sigh No More) is terrific!  It’s what I play when I need to get stuff done.  A rockin’ beat, it keeps me moving!  But not dancing, this isn’t in my dance party playlist.

8.  Fire Burning by Sean Kingston – When I need to get my groove on!

9.  Cocnut by Harry Nilsson – For a more mellow great mood.

10.  You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon –  No music list of mine would be complete without an appearance by Rhymin’ Simon.  This song comes on the radio, it’s roll the windows down, turn it up time for me.  Happy-go-lucky is how I think of this song, and of course, the image of Chevy Chase playing a saxophone has to make you smile!  You Can Call Me Al



What have I been up to?  Well, reading for one thing.  I’ve joined two very different book clubs.  The first, is a fun group of girls.  Book club nights tend to run til midnight.  Wine, sometimes a themed cocktail, and munchies are always involved, as is great conversation.  The theory is, whether you’ve read the book or not, it’s good to get out and generally a topic from the book brings on any number of adjacent conversations.  The actual book discussion usually doesn’t last that long, but it keeps me reading books I didn’t know where out there and gives me someone to talk to about it if I want.  Most nights though, it’s the comraderie of the women involved that gets me out of the house.

The second group, much more intellectual.  Still a social situation, but more discussion of the book.  Which is nice, makes my mommy brain feel like it’s getting some exercise.  I was invited into this one by a knitting friend who is also an English professor, no chance I would ever go to this one without having read the book!

So, what are we reading, you ask?  The Red Garden by Alice Hoffman and The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins are the selections for April.  I’ve finished both, much to my husband’s chagrin.  I’m a book worm, always have been.  As a child, my mom could never turn me down if I asked her to buy me a book.  We spent plenty of time at the library as well, even volunteered there as a teenager.  But, needless to say, I enjoy my book time.  I bury my nose in, and if it’s a good book, finish within a day or two (The Red Garden).  If it’s a great book (The Hunger Games), I only come up for food, and even then that’s optional!  So, to get through all three in the series, the laundry goes undone, dishes pile up, we eat leftovers, and in general, my family gets irritated with me!  Fortunately, this time, I wasn’t up until the wee hours of the night reading, somehow I always managed to finish by 10 or 11 o’clock.

So, if you’re looking for a good read, check out The Hunger Games.  It’s technically juvenile fiction, but, in this case, that just means it moves along at a quick pace.  Hints of Orwell’s 1984, some coming of age, a warning as to what can happen when politicians go unchecked, and some good old fashioned adventure.  It’s got a bit of everything!

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