Hats, done!

Ok, we’re going to make this a Monday – Friday attempt this month.  I’m already a day behind!  Oh well, promised I would post a picture of the finished hats, so here they are:


I knit 3 girly hats and 5 boyish ones.  Then got out the sewing machine on Saturday.  I used Cheri’s tutorial for boy hats as a jumping off point, and just went from there!   2 black hats made from leftover fleece from my son’s toucan costume 2 Halloweens ago.  3 princess hats made from fleece.  2 Star Wars hats made from the bottom 7″ of a pair of PJ pants purchased for my husband that were too big (still need to alter them down to my son’s size, but figured I’d be cutting off at least 7″ anyway!).  1 hat made from an old Cars t-shirt that was in the Goodwill pile.  I think that’s it!  The knitted ones were all basic hats, except the turquoise and orange one.  That one was from a pattern called Chemo Toque that I found on Ravelry.  Overall, I was very pleased with my productivity.  I surpassed my goal of 5 girl hats and 8 boy hats, ending up with 6 girls, 8 boys, and 2 black ones that could go either way.

Today’s crafty endeavors will involve bag making to go along with the hats.  We’ll see how many I can get done before it’s time to pick the kids up!


Special Olympics Scarves

Special Olympics Scarves

Ok, seems like I promised, once upon a time, that I would post the patterns for the scarves I knit for the Special Olympics Scarf Project.  Turns out that you can get three scarves from the 2 skeins of yarn required.  One must be turquoise and one blue, so that each scarf has both colors.  Well, they were each fun in their own way.  The top one was a beginner sampler scarf.  Each block uses some combination of knits and purls, with the 7th block throwing in a yarn over and knit two together.  The bottom scarf was an experiment with a stitch from the 2011 Vogue Stitch a Day calendar.  And the middle scarf was an attempt to use up every last bit of that Red Heart yarn so I wouldn’t have any left over!  I know, I’m a yarn snob!  But Red Heart is really not my favorite yarn to knit with, what can I say?  All three were finished in time to send off to the CT Special Olympics division.

Starting with the bottom scarf and moving up, here are the patterns I used.

Bottom Scarf:

Using size US8 needles and the required blue yarn, cast on 28 stitches.  The stitch used is the Meandering Eyelet Vine from the 2011 Vogue Stitch a Day calendar.  In order to not infringe on any copyrights, I’ll leave it at that.  Follow stitch pattern for 30 inches.  Change to turquoise yarn and follow stitch pattern for another 30 inches.  Bind off.  I like this pattern because it reminded me of ski slopes, and since this is for the Winter Special Olympics, it seemed appropriate.

Middle Scarf:

Using size US10 needles and both colors held together, cast on 14 stitches.  Knit in garter stitch for 20 inches.  Change to 2 turquoise strands held together and knit for 20 inches.  Change back to one strand of each color held together and knit for another 20 inches.  The reason for the middle section of solid color is that this was the third scarf I knit and there was quite a bit more turquoise yarn than blue yarn.  Quality control at Red Heart must have been on vacation, even after knitting this scarf, I still had turquoise yarn left over!

Top Scarf:

This pattern I decided to write as a beginner sampler to teach to new knitting students.  There are 8 blocks, the color changes with each block between the blue and turquoise, and they can be knit in any order.  The order listed is the order in which I knit them.
Using size US8 needles, CO 26 stitches.
Block 1: Garter stitch for 6 inches in blue.
Block 2: Stockinette stitch for 6 inches in turquoise.
Block 3: Seed stitch for 6 inches in blue.
Block 4: Stockinette stitch for 5 rows, Reverse Stockinette stitch for 5 rows in turquoise. Repeat til block measures 6 inches.
Block 5: Stockinette stitch for 4 rows, Seed stitch for 2 rows in blue. Repeat til block measures 6 inches.
Block 6: Row 1 – Knit in turquoise, Row 2 – Knit 3, Purl 1, Knit 4, Purl 1, Knit 4, Purl 1, Knit 4, Purl 1, Knit 4, Purl 1, Knit 2. Repeat rows 1 and 2 til block measures 6 inches.
Block 7: Row 1 – Knit in blue, Row 2 – Purl, Row 3 – Knit 2, yo, k2tog, (Knit 3, yo, k2tog) 5 times, knit 2. Repeat rows til block measures 6 inches.
Block 8: Row 1 – Knit 2, Purl 2 to end in turquoise, Row 2- Purl 2, Knit 2 til block measure 6 inches.
Finished scarf is approximately 6 inches by 56 inches.

My first knitting pattern

Well, I’ve had an extremely productive day today.  My hubby took the kids to the train show.  I got my nice, white desk cleaned off.  There’s just something about a clean white surface that inspires me.  More so than a clean black surface.  Our kitchen table is black, and it just doesn’t have the same effect.  Once the desk was a workable surface and there were no little voices to distract me, I got the computer, turned on some Pandora radio, and started working.

This summer, I designed and knit a pillow for a dear friend who was getting married.  She loved it.  My knitting group loved it.  Everyone said I should write it up and make it available.  Six months later, it’s finally written up!  I promise to post as soon as I can.  I may try to make it available for sale, a little extra cash never hurt a stay at home mom, or I may just make it a free Ravelry download.  In the meantime, enjoy the picture:

I also managed to vacuum the house (trust me, this is a major accomplishment!), clean the kitchen, and do the laundry.  So productive when no one else is home!

Also, made out a to-do list for the week:

1.  Get oil changed

2.  Find printer for notecards for website

3.  Donate National Geographic collection

4.  Clean out the freezer

I’ll be reporting back to you at the end of the week to see if any or, hopefully all, of these things got accomplished!

Baked Penne

Trying to get back to cooking more, eating out less.  With that in mind, I made Baked Penne with Sun-Dried Tomatoes tonight.  Pretty good!  I think it may need a pinch or two of nutmeg, that little bit to give it a little somethin, somethin. And the next time I make it, I’ll also add some spinach or broccoli to get a few more vegetables in there.  The kids weren’t thrilled with it, but then again, they rarely like anything new!  I’m thinking Everyday Food may be my new favorite recipe source.  It’ll be leftovers tomorrow.  Salad and some homemade applesauce should round it out.

Tomorrow night will be a little more hectic.  Swim lesson after school, homework, and knitting tomorrow night.  Right now I’m really looking forward to knitting. Let’s be honest, I always look forward to knitting!  Working on a baby blanket for a friend and really need the time to work on it.  Anyone else working on a project out there?

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