Today’s crafty endeavor involved making 5 drawstring bags to add to my hats for Craft Hope Project 16.  They are pretty simple to make, though I didn’t make a tutorial.  There is an excellent one on Purl Soho’s blog, the Purl Bee.  You can find it here.

The best part was that I used my stash!  Pictures will have to come tomorrow, the lighting at 10:15 at night is not the best.  However, just as a taste of what is to come, one was a fat quarter, and the other 4 were made from leftover fabric that was used to make pillowcases for some kids.  Yes, that would be kiddie fabric, Scooby Doo and Dora the Explorer.

So, pictures to come.  Tomorrow, the bags I made, and someday, I’ll share my stash.




Friendship Bracelets

A while ago, a friend of mine had a brilliant idea, why not have a friendship bracelet swap?  Now, in my hay day, I could pump out the bracelets like no one’s business.  I had 3 designs I could produce, a “v”, a slant, and a round one.  So the first thing I did was dig out the embroidery floss, which has resided in the same box probably since the last time I made a bracelet!

Messy thread!

To my amazement, I found finished, unfinished, and unstarted bracelets, as well as “worry dolls” I had made a long, long time ago!


Worry dolls

Who knew I still had these things floating around!  I wonder what else I’ll find the next time I venture into my hidden craft supplies?

Long time, no post

And the zebra says. . .

It has been a while since I’ve allowed myself the luxury of sitting down and putting a post up on the blog.  I can’t believe I didn’t blog my way through all the yummy food I ate when I was home in February, home being North Carolina.  I can’t believe I didn’t tell y’all about the Lazy 5 Ranch my mom and I took the kids.  It was the most fun I’d had in a long time.  Something about feeding animals out of the palm of your hand is just amazing.  Buffalo, ostriches, emus, water buffalo, giraffes, llamas, but not the zebras!  Something about them biting. . . The kids had a blast, though I’m not sure who had the better time, my mom or the kids!  It was a gorgeous day, 74 degrees and not a cloud in the sky, a vast change from the fields of white I’ve been staring at for months up here.  Really didn’t want to leave!

So, today I was reading a friend of mine’s blog, and she’s got a contest going for a copy of CraftSanity magazine, a magazine in which she just published a pattern.  Now I’ve never met a magazine I didn’t like, so I’m definitely entering to win a copy!  She has some great ideas, and more importantly, follow through! PoMo GoLightly has been an inspiration for me, giving me the courage to start this blog, live more simply (see her participation in Project 333), and hopefully this summer, try my hand at homemade jam, among other things.  Check her out, you just might learn something!

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